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Average Price Range: $650 to $2,000 per window. Utilize the calculator provided below for a more accurate estimate of your window replacement project’s expenses.

The typical expense for replacing windows in your residence ranges from $650 to $2,000 per window. This cost encompasses the window’s price, along with professional labor and installation charges. Material costs for each window usually fall within the range of $400 to $950, while professional installation costs typically range from $80 to $180 per window.

It’s important to note that window replacement costs can vary based on several factors and choices, including:

Window Replacement Cost

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  1. Window Style: Whether you choose a double-hung window, casement window, bay window, or another style.
  2. Window Frame Material: The material of the window frame, such as vinyl, wood, aluminum, or fiberglass.
  3. Window Size: The dimensions of the window you need to have installed.
  4. Window Glass: The type of window glass that suits your home’s needs, such as insulated, tempered, privacy glass, or a combination thereof.
  5. Energy Efficiency: Whether you opt for energy-efficient windows, such as double-pane, triple-pane, thermal, or ENERGY STAR-rated windows.

We will delve into each of these factors in greater detail in the following section, along with discussions on window installation and labor costs, replacing multiple windows, and strategies to reduce installation expenses.

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Window Replacement Costs Based on Window Type

When considering the installation of new home window types, it’s beneficial to explore the varying costs associated with each window style. For instance, a standard-size double-hung window ranks among the most budget-friendly options, with an average installation cost of approximately $650 per window. Conversely, larger picture windows come at a higher price, averaging around $900 or more per window for installation.

Window styles that demand a higher level of skill for installation may also require more labor time, resulting in an increased window installation cost. Below, you can find a breakdown of costs for different window styles in the price chart:

Window Type

Average Cost Per Window

Single Hung Windows

$397 to $847

Double Hung Windows

$429 to $915

Arched Windows

$345 to $950

Awning Windows

$477 to $1,107

Bay Windows

$1,732 to $3,690

Bow Windows

$1,810 to $3,859

Casement Windows

$597 to $1,273

Circle Windows

$450 to $1,200

Egress Windows

$160 to $750

Garden Windows

$1,350 to $1,800

Glass Block Windows

$450 to $1,100

Hopper Windows

$170 to $645

Jalousie Windows

$175 to $375

Picture Windows

$609 to $1,298

Skylight Windows

$900 to $2,500

Sliding Windows

$775 to $1,652

Sliding Glass Door Windows

$1,070 to $2,690

Storm Windows

$172 to $320

Transom Windows

$334 to $711

Average Labor Costs

$70 to $150 per window

It’s worth noting that most homeowners typically replace or install multiple windows simultaneously, often involving 20 to 30 windows in a single project. To determine the exact number of windows needed for your installation or replacement, we recommend scheduling an appointment with a qualified local window contractor who can assess your home and provide expert recommendations.

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Window Replacement Expenses Based on Frame Material

When it comes to replacing home windows, you’ll be presented with choices in window frame materials such as vinyl, wood, fiberglass, and aluminum. Each material carries its distinct price range, durability, and quality. For instance, vinyl windows are renowned for their affordability, with prices starting as low as $500 per window, while clad wood composite windows are known for their exceptional durability but come with a higher cost, reaching up to $2,000 per window.

Here, you can explore the average costs and advantages associated with each window frame material. Please bear in mind that these window replacement costs are based on a standard-sized double-hung window. Costs may increase for more upscale window styles.

Window Frame Type

Average Cost Per Window

Vinyl Windows

$391 to $834

Aluminum Windows

$397 to $846

Fiberglass Windows

$320 to $683

Wood Windows

$875 to $1,865

Composite Windows

$950 to $1,800

Window Glass Replacement Costs by Glass Type

The choice of window glass can play a pivotal role in enhancing your home’s energy efficiency, thereby potentially reducing your utility expenses. Energy-efficient glass options minimize heat transfer through the windows, which translates into reduced energy consumption for maintaining a comfortable indoor environment during both the scorching summers and chilly winters. In addition to energy savings, window glass selection can also contribute to noise reduction, impact resistance, and privacy.

The cost of replacing window glass typically falls within the range of $280 to $325. Here, you can explore the average replacement costs for various window glass types:

Type of Window Glass

Average Cost to Replace

Single Pane Glass

$100 to $400

Double Pane Glass

$613 to $1,307

Triple Pane Glass

$400 to $700

Low E Glass

$350 to $850

Gas-Filled Glass

$375 to $1,000

Laminated Glass

$275 to $600

Tempered Glass

$175 to $600

Frosted Glass

$300 to $700

How Much Do Energy Efficient Window Upgrades Cost?

Enhancing the energy efficiency of your home’s windows offers a range of options, including double or triple-paned glass, high ENERGY STAR ratings, argon gas fills, low-E coatings, soundproofing, and more. While the initial investment for energy-efficient windows typically surpasses that of standard windows, ranging from approximately $500 to $3,100 per window, these tailored features can significantly elevate your windows’ energy efficiency rating. This, in turn, translates to substantial savings on future utility bills, potentially up to $465 annually.

It’s important to note that as you incorporate energy-efficient enhancements, the overall cost of window replacement may increase. 

Window Replacement Cost

However, the long-term savings often outweigh the initial expenditure, making it a wise investment for both your comfort and your budget.

Cost Comparison of Leading Window Brands

When considering the price per replacement window, it’s important to note that high-quality window brands such as Simonton, Milgard, Marvin, or Pella typically come with a higher price tag.

To provide you with a rough estimate of the cost associated with each window brand, we’ve selected a standard-size vinyl double-hung window from each of these brands for comparison. Keep in mind that each brand offers various pricing tiers that encompass upgraded features, improved frame materials, extended warranties, and more. Additionally, it’s worth exploring whether any special discounts for specific window brands are available through local contractors in your area.

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Window Brands

Price Per Window

Cost to Install

Pella Double Hung Windows



Andersen Double Hung Window



Harvey Double Hung Window



Certainteed Double Hung Windows



Milgard Double Hung Windows



Marvin Double Hung Windows



Atrium Double Hung Window



Simonton Double Hung Windows



When determining which top window brand aligns with your window replacement project, consider asking yourself the following questions:

  • What is your budget for new window installation?
  • What window features, such as frame material, sizes, and energy efficiency, does each brand offer?
  • What are the warranty terms and customer service quality like for each brand?

To obtain an accurate price quote for a specific window brand, it’s advisable to contact a reputable contractor in your area. Window brand prices can vary by location, installer, and potential eligibility for tax credits, rebates, or exclusive local offers. Reach out to our trusted contractors today to receive a customized price estimate.

Labor and Installation Expenses for New Windows

Typically, the labor and installation costs for most standard-sized window types average between $70 and $150 per window. However, it’s important to note that these window replacement labor costs can fluctuate depending on factors such as your home’s location, the type of window being installed, and the project’s duration. Most window contractors charge on an hourly basis for their services.

If your window installation necessitates the creation of a new opening in your home, the project’s duration may extend, leading to potential increases in labor costs. 

Window Replacement Cost

Additionally, the installation of larger or more complex window types like garden windows, bow and bay windows, or large arched windows may require more skilled workers, further impacting the overall installation and labor expenses.

The disposal of debris related to the job and site cleanup is often billed separately by contractors. While it is factored into the total hours for the job, additional transportation costs may apply if disposing of materials proves challenging.

In general, areas with high demand and a higher cost of living tend to command higher labor costs. For instance, the labor cost for replacing a window in Florida may be greater compared to a smaller Texas city where local, budget-friendly window installers are readily available.

Cost of Replacing Multiple Windows

It’s worth considering that many homeowners choose to replace all of their home windows simultaneously, and several reasons support this decision. Firstly, numerous window replacement companies extend discounts and cost savings when replacing multiple windows concurrently. Secondly, most homes have all their windows installed at the same time, typically during the home’s construction. Window frames generally have lifespans ranging from 20 to 50 years, so if your windows were installed over 20 years ago during your home’s construction, it may be an opportune time to replace all the windows in a single comprehensive window replacement project.

Please bear in mind that the average window replacement costs provided earlier are per window. Chances are your project will involve the replacement of multiple windows. It’s essential to establish a budget that encompasses the entire project’s cost before commencing the work. The most effective way to accomplish this is by arranging a consultation with a local contractor to obtain an estimate tailored to your home and specific needs.

To initiate the budgeting process, utilize our Window Replacement Cost Calculator tool above. This tool can assist you in breaking down your project estimate by window type, material, location, and the number of windows you intend to install. It’s worth noting that for more extensive projects, negotiation of window replacement costs or access to discounts offered by window installers in your area may be feasible.

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How to Economize on New Home Windows

You may be pleasantly surprised by the multitude of local window rebates and credits available to help offset the costs of your window replacement project. To determine if there are any window rebates offered in your vicinity, reach out to your local utility company. Many utility companies extend rebates to customers who opt for professionally installed Energy Star or energy-efficient windows in their residences. You could potentially qualify for rebates of $200 or more per window. Frequently, these companies have a cap on the per-window rebate, limiting it to a specific amount.

In addition to local utility rebates, numerous government incentives are accessible to homeowners who undertake energy-efficient home improvements. According to, Energy Star windows, on average, result in a 12% reduction in monthly utility bills nationwide. For information on energy-efficient incentives in your state, you can explore the Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency (DSIRE).


The cost of window replacement varies depending on factors like the window type, size, materials, and location. On average, it can range from $6540 to $2,000 per window.

Several factors impact window replacement costs, including the type of window, frame material, size, glass type, energy efficiency features, and labor.

Yes, energy-efficient windows often have a higher upfront cost than standard windows. However, they can result in long-term energy savings that may offset the initial expense.

Yes, many window replacement companies offer discounts when multiple windows are replaced in a single project. This can help reduce the overall cost.

Contact your local utility company to inquire about available window rebates for energy-efficient installations. You can also check government websites or programs that provide incentives for such improvements.


Understanding window replacement costs is a crucial aspect of any home improvement project. The expense of replacing windows can vary significantly based on factors such as the type of window, frame material, glass type, and energy efficiency features. It’s important to weigh the upfront cost against the potential long-term savings, as energy-efficient windows can lead to reduced utility bills and increased comfort.

To get an accurate estimate for your window replacement project, consider consulting with local contractors who can provide customized quotes based on your specific needs and location. Additionally, take advantage of available rebates and incentives offered by utility companies and government programs to help offset some of the costs.

Whether you’re replacing a single window or undertaking a comprehensive home window replacement, careful planning and budgeting can help ensure a successful and cost-effective project. Ultimately, investing in quality windows can enhance both the aesthetic appeal and energy efficiency of your home, making it a valuable and worthwhile endeavor.


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