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To protect your home from the hurricane and tropical storm damage, the windows of your home do not just need to keep the wind out and do not let the wind come inside, the windows also need to keep the flying objects out and make the inside safe from the flying objects. When you are picking out new impact Windows for your home you must consider the benefits of PGT WinGuardimpact-resistant Windows. 

PGT WinGuard impact-resistant Windows combine two layers of glass with a sheet of polyvinyl butyral for the maximum protection possible of your home. The PGT WinGuard is very much tough and durable in that it can stop burglars from entering your home. Also, PGT is one of the most recognized names in this industry. PGT manages both residential and commercial needs. PGT’s WinGuardimpact Windows and Doors is well known for the safety and efficiency they offer in households and workspace and they keep expanding their products. We are very proud to carry PGT industries products. One of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of impact windows and doors and also the largest windows manufacturer in the USA serving both residential and commercial requirements.

This company was founded in 1980 in the United States of America as a segment of impact windows and doors manufacturer. Today this company has over 1,350 employees and have a manufacturing facility or factory in Florida North Carolina. PGT’s are sold through a network of independent distributors. PGT’s complete line of Windows and Doors is available in the Eastern United States, The Gulf Coast, the Caribbean, and other selected international locations. 

Winguard Impact Resistant PGT Windows

WinGuardImpact resistant windows, hurricane protection is just the beginning of it. 2 million of it is installed and no failures are reported at all. WinGuard impact-resistant Windows from PGT meet the most stringent code requirements for hurricane-force winds and flying objects. WinGuard does much for your home, for you and for your family. 

Windows from PGT help you to provide security from thieves and burglars all over the year. It also reduces the noise coming in and filter out 99% of UV rays and solar radiation entering your home. When WinGuard impact-resistant Windows is installed with insulating glass it becomes more energyefficient Windows and reduces the heating of the interior of your home and reduces the air conditioning costs. Many homeowners and residential property owners have chosen PGT WinGuardto to protect their homes from the hurricane and make them more energy-efficient. WinGuard gives a complete 24*7 protection. Protect your house with our products without thinking twice.

Available PGT Windows Products:



SH700 Impact Single Hung Window

AW740 Impact Awning Window

HR710 Impact Horizontal Roller Window

CA740 Impact Casement Window

PW720 Impact Picture Window

AR720 Impact Fixed Lite Architectural Window


SH800 Impact Single Hung Window

HR810 Impact Horizontal Roller Window

PW820 Impact Picture Window

AR820 Impact Fixed Lite Architectural Window


SH5500 Vinyl Impact Single Hung Window

HR5510 Vinyl Impact Horizontal Roller Window

AW5540 Vinyl Impact Awning Window

DH5560 Vinyl Impact Double Hung Window

PW5520 Vinyl Impact Picture Window

PW5540 Vinyl Impact Picture Window (CA fixed)

CA5540 Vinyl Impact Casement Window

AR5540 Vinyl Impact Fixed Lite Arch Window (AR fixed)

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